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Three Korean papers were accepted to ACM CCS 2017
작성일2017-12-24 02:14:27

Three Korean research papers were accepted to ACM CCS (Conference on Computer and Communications Security) 2017.

ACM CCS is a 24 year old security conference which is also considered as one of four top security conferences in the world. This year’s acceptance rate of CCS was only 18%.

First, the paper from KAIST GSIS Prof. Sang Kil Cha and Master’s candidate HyungSeok Han named “IMF: Inferred Model-based Fuzzer” is about a system that automatically finds kernel vulnerabilities.

“Our system found 30 difference Mac OS kernel vulnerabilities. We reported the problem to Apple. They are mostly patched now. Our system can also be used on other OS like the Microsoft Windows. We plan to release our code on Github in future.” said Prof. Cha

Prof. Yongdae Kim’s team paper “Be Selfish and Avoid Dilemmas: For After Withholding(FAW) Attacks on Bitcoins” got accepted to the conference as well.

Prof. Kim’s students Yujin Kwon, Dohyun Kim, and Yunmok Son with collaboration of Prof. Eugene Vasserman from Kansas State Univ. will be introducing new attack methods on Bitcoin mining pools.

“Our paper attacks the coin distribution system on Bitcoin mining pools. Our attack can increase the award a miner receives in the mining pool. Although this is an attacking paper, we hold to inspire more research on virtual currencies by publishing our findings” said Prof. Kim

The last paper accepted to ACM CCS 2017 was works from ETRI researchers: Kisung Kim, Min gyu Kim, Dongsoo Lee, Jae hong Park, and Woo Hwan Kim titled “Forward Secure Dynamic Searchable Symmetric Encryption with Efficient Updates”