GSIS Announcements

"Security Technology based on Protocol Polymorphism", proposed by Prof. Brent and his research team, was adopted by ONR, US
작성일2018-07-10 15:42:15
 "Towards Dialect Computing in Network and System Protocols", proposed by Prof. Brent and CySecLab (Cyber Security Laboratory) in GSIS, was finally adopted by Office of Naval  Research, Department of Defense, US (ONR). The research team consisted of Prof. Brent, Dr. Jin-soo Jang, Prof. Dr. Ho-Jun Lee and 10 students of CysecLab. The research period will be three years (September 2018 - August 2021) and a total of 1.5 billion won ($ 1,366,665) will be supported by ONR. The fact that the US Department of Defense directly supported overseas universities is unusual, suggesting that the excellence of KAIST's information protection research capacity was recognized as the level of leading research universities in the United States.