Four papers belonging to KAIST's School of Computing are selected for ACM/IEEE ICSE 2019, the world's top academic institute in software engineering.

Four papers belonging to KAIST's School of Computing were adopted by ACM/IEEE ICSE 2019 ( one of the most prestigious institutions in software(SW) engineering.

"Towards Understanding and Reasoning out Android Interoperations"

(Ph.D student Bae Sora, Ph.D student Lee Sung-ho and Professor Ryu Seok-young of KAIST School of Computing)

"Resource-aware Program Analysis via Online Abstraction Coarsening”

(Professor Yang Hong-seok, Professor Heo Ki-hong of the University of Pennsylvania and Professor Oh Hak-joo of Korea University)

"Guiding Deep Learning System Testing using Surprise Adequacy”

(Ph.D student Kim Jinhan, Professor Yoo Shin of KAIST School of Computing and Professor Robert Feldt of the University of Chalmers)

"Grey-box Concolic Testing on Binary Code”

(Ph.D student Choi Jae-seung and Professor Cha Sang-gil of KAIST Graduate School of Information Security, Samsung Electronics' Jang Joon-eon and Naver's Han Choong-woo)