[Seminar] Notice of KAIST GSIS 2019 Fall Seminar Series

KAIST Graduate School of Information Security holds the fall 2019 seminar. This seminar is an open seminar, so anyone can participate. In particular, if the instructor permits a Silver or higher company among Security @ KAIST consortium companies, the seminar will provide live broadcasting from this year ( The following text is a brief biography and lecture of eight speakers who will present this semester. We look forward to your participation.


10/1 (Tue.), Professor Cho Young-pil (Soongsil University) is a new professor and holds a Ph.D. from Seoul National University. He has developed various security solutions based on the trusted hardware, and he will cover an instruction level access control in ARM processor.


10/8 (Tue.), Tielei Wang of the China Pangu team is a world expert in iOS security. He is currently in the industry, but published papers in S&P, Usenix Security, ACM CCS, NDSS, and more recently presents at global hacking conferences such as Blackhat USA and POC. This seminar covers iOS's XNU kernel vulnerabilities and the various facetime security issues that became an issue in this year.


10/15 (Tue.), KAIST Cha Mi-young is a global data scientist. In the past, she gained a worldwide reputation for analysis of various social networks such as Twitter, and has attracted attention for the detection of fake news recently. This seminar will cover the policy issues of AI and Robot. It will discuss the difficult issues that our generation needs to answer, such as how humans and other future entities, like robots, AI, will interact, how to punish the entities, and what responsibilities are responsible.


10/29 (Tue), Professor Kim Hwi-kang of Korea University has a reputation for researching data science into security. He is a well-known for researches of detecting attacks through data science in cars, malware, and games. This seminar will cover the Reputation System for Fraud Detection on the Internet.


11/5 (Tue.), Professor Lee Yeon-jun of Hanyang University is a new professor who joined Hanyang University this semester. He was advised by Professor XiaoFeng Wang of the Indiana University in the United States and is an expert on various mobile security issues. In this seminar, he will present the results of analysis of malicious crowdsourcing apps such as manipulating the ranking of mobile apps based on iOS announced by Usenix Security this year.


11/19 (Tue.), Chung Jae-woong, CEO of Atto Research, is leading the domestic industry through SDN and its various applications. He received a Ph.D. in computer architecture from Stanford University and worked at TMAX in the past. In this seminar, he will present the Software Defined Data Center technology, which is gaining worldwide attention.


11/27 (Wed.), Professor Chao Zhang (Tsinghua University) received his Ph.D. from Peking University and a postdoctoral fellow at the lab of Dawn Song Professor in University of California Berkeley. Recently, he presented good research in four top security conferences (CCS, S&P, Usenix Security, NDSS). He is attracting attention as a security researcher in China. In particular, he performed well in major CTF competitions such as the DEFCON CTF and is now a coach of the Blue Lotus team. In this seminar, he will present a "smart" mutation strategy for the latest trend in fuzzing.


12/10 (Tue.), Professor Oh Hak-joo of Korea University has published very good publications in Software Engineering. He has published more than one paper every year at the best SE conferences such as ICSE, OOPSLA, ASE, and FSE, and published Buddy paper, which includes a core idea of IOTCube, at S&P in 2017 by turning to security area. In this seminar, he will present the research about how to find vulnerabilities in Ethereum Smart Contract, which will be announced in the next year's S&P.