Application Guideline

Admissions Timeline

  Spring Semester Fall Semester
1. Online Application Mid-July Mid-April
2. Application Review Result Notification Few days before interview Few days before interview
3. Interview 4th Week of August 4th Week of May
4. Admission Result Notification Mid-September Mid-June
5. First Day of Class Next year March Same year September
Categories Place Notes
1. Online Application Late application will not be considered.
2. Submission KAIST Office of Admissions (E11, 508) All materials must be received by KAIST Admissions Office by the official due date.
3. Arrival Check of Submitted Documents Please check arrival status of your application 2-3 days after submission.
4. Application Review Result Notification  
5. Interview To be announced with the Application Review Results Please check the schedule of your interview.
6. Admissions Notification  

※ Please note that dates are subject to change.

Entering Student Class Size

Master About 0 students per year
Ph.D About 0 Students per year
Master-Ph.D Combined Track Within the number of Ph.D Admissions offered per year


Master Bachelor’s degree (or expected to receive before admitted semester)
Ph.D Master’s degree (or expected to receive before admitted semester)
Master-Ph.D Combined Track KAIST students with Government Scholarship status and recommendation from the dean of the department.



KAIST CS Admissions Guidelines
  • In order to admit excellent students, the admission process is carried out separately for applicants who majored in CS and those who majored in non-CS majors.
  • CS majors refer to applicants who majored in CS or CS-related majors such as computer science engineering. Non-CS majors include, for example, electrical engineering, physics, mathematics, and business.
  • CS major applicants will be selected based on their undergraduate transcript, technical knowledge, and basic programming skills.
  • Non-CS major applicants will be selected based on their potential to become successful graduate students in the CS department. No programming test is required but good test results will be taken into account favorably in the review process.
  • Non-CS major applicants are recommended to include the following information in the personal statement:
    A. Previous education and experience related to computer science or programming
    B. Motivations for applying to a graduate program in computer science
    C. Academic plans in the computer science graduate program
  • Some example technical questions asked during the interview can be found here. [Link]
  • The programming test will be about one hour long and include various questions designed to assess the fundamental programming skills of CS major applicants.