Foundation Background

With the advent of cutting-edge information technology, nations and society have experienced a simultaneous rapid change in lifestyle as well as increased risks from exposed threats in cyberspace. It is a fact that the various types of cyber attack not only threaten individuals and enterprises but also target national critical infrastructure, which heavily influences a nation’s trustworthiness. In this regard, it makes sense that the demand for experts in information security is exponentially increasing, and the United States calls this situation “A Human Capital Crisis in Cybersecurity.” South Korea is also in a difficult situation, where the national level of human resources in information security, corresponding systems, and techniques is lacking, and that must be considered with the highest priority. In this regard, the government established the KAIST Graduate School of Information Security program in 2011 to foster outstanding expertise in information security.

KAIST GSIS focuses on a practical approach by operating cyber attack and defense experiments and providing education in network security, systems security, cryptography, and various applications in order to cultivate expertise not only in theory but in practice.

We aim to turn out world-class experts in information security, who have the capabilities to develop and lead global cyber security.